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Digital Printing Services

Experience exceptional print quality and reliability with our professional digital printing services.

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Don't Waste

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On Unreliable Printing

Print Smarter, Not Harder

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We pride ourselves on providing a seamless experience with quick turnaround times, a simple and streamlined process, free quotes, and the cutting-edge technology of our Xerox digital press. Equipped with our state-of-the-art Xerox digital press, we guarantee exceptional print quality that will bring your designs to life.

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Quick Turnaround

Easy Process

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Free Quotes

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Xerox Digital Press

You shouldn't settle for anything less than exceptional quality.

As a professional digital printing company with more than 24 years of experience, we have established ourselves as a trusted authority in delivering exceptional print solutions. Our expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, and commitment to quality ensure that your printing needs are in capable hands.

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Our Printing Services



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wire binding

Wire Binding

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Photograph Copies

document scanning

Document Scanning

fabric or clothing transfers


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Photo Scanning

A Simple 3-Step Path to Printing Perfection

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1. Contact

Reach out to us today for a free quote, or to ask any questions.

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2. Send Files

Next, simply submit your files or bring them to us on a thumb drive.

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3. Pick Up

Visit our store to conveniently collect your finished prints, or we can ship them to you.

More About Our Copy Services

At Copies Galore, we specialize in printing color and black/white reproductions of photos, catering to those who are doing scrapbooks or family histories.. Preserve your cherished family photos without causing any damage, as we offer on-the-spot copying services. Additionally, we can scan 35mm slides and old photographs in high quality, ensuring their future enjoyment. If you have digital photos on your cell phone or camera, we can extract and save or print them for you. Rest assured that at Copies Galore, we handle your family treasures with the utmost care and treat them as if they were our own. You can also bring in a paper copy of your photos and we can make copies of them.


Furthermore, we offer transfer printing services for creating personalized t-shirts or fabric items. Simply bring us your design, and we will print it onto your material of choice for a professional and long-lasting result.

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Our scanning and printing capabilities extend up to 11x17, allowing us to capture and reproduce your documents and images in large, high-quality formats.

Our Shop

Discover the rich history of the Portsmouth Ohio area in our Historical Shop. Immerse yourself in a variety of books that tell the story of our area, and celebrate the heritage of this region. Alongside our book selections, we also offer a delightful array of postcards.


Visit our store and embark on a journey through time, where every book and postcard holds a piece of Portsmouth's captivating story.


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portsmouth ohio scioto county postcard
portsmouth ohio scioto county postcard
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